Nonprofit Borrower Success Story: Kootenai Classical Academy

"We are all deeply grateful. It's going to make a tremendous impact on generations of young people here. It's hard to describe the gratitude of the area parents as well. Thanks for helping to facilitate this great endeavor." ~Drs. Edward and Rachel Kaitz, Board Members


Kootenai Classical Academy (KCA) will be a K-12 public, open-enrollment, tuition-free charter school in Idaho. LENDonate’s short term bridge loan that covered pre-construction expenses has been by repaid permanent tax-exempt bond financing.


Although it is not customary for LENDonate to provide funding to early stage nonprofits, this was a unique scenario. LENDonate partnered with a charter school consultancy that has a successful track record of taking new charter schools through the launch process. Their knowledge and key insights into the bond issuance progress allowed LENDonate to gain perspective in underwriting this loan.


In Fall 2023, KCA will be welcoming their first K-8 students. LENDonate is proud to have played a small part in the launch of this new school!

The entire Kootenai Classical Academy team is deeply grateful to LENDonate for its faith in our school's mission and in our board's capacity to carry it out. We realize that it took tremendous faith to support our venture in such early stages, but had it not been for your confidence, our dream of providing classical education to North Idaho families would have died on the vine. Your bridge funding will directly translate to a desperately needed educational option for 428 local children and will ultimately grow to benefit generations of families in our region. You have made a profound difference to our community and we most certainly could not have done it without you.

Let’s Build a School!

Kootenai Classical Academy Drawing

Investment Summary

Who can participate?

Who They Are: Kootenai Classical Academy

Kootenai Classical Academy will be a K-12 public, open-enrollment, tuition-free charter school in Idaho. KCA’s aim is to develop the academic potential and personal character of each of its students, regardless of cultural or racial background, socio-economic status, or ability level, and thus to graduate all students fully prepared to participate as intelligent, responsible, and active members of their community.

The image on the left is the overall site plan and the image on the left is the school site plan.

Use of Proceeds & Repayment

The loan proceeds will be used for pre-construction expenses including land acquisition, due diligence, engineering, design, municipality fees, surveys, etc.


This loan is expected to be repaid in August/September 2022 from the permanent tax-exempt bond financing.

Why Support this Program?

Plans are in the works for a strong classical school serving students residing within Kootenai County and surrounding areas of Idaho! Kootenai Classical Academy (KCA) will be a tuition-free charter school dedicated to educating well-rounded students with what is timeless, fundamental, and best in human thought, including arts, math, science, history, and language.


The school will build an approximately 40,000 square foot facility on 11 acres to accommodate students from kindergarten through 8th grade, growing to 12th grade over the next 4 years. KCA has received an official charter to operate the school from the State of Idaho and will break ground on its facility August 2022.


This is a free public school for students. KCA has tremendous support from the community with over 1,000 intent-to-enroll forms for only 430 available enrollment slots the first year.

Jacklin Floor Plan
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