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3 Tips for Securing Working Capital with a Strategic Nonprofit Loan

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing society’s toughest challenges. Just like a for-profit company, nonprofits need to pay expenses and strive to do better than breakeven. The pandemic posed numerous challenges for nonprofits. Rather than trying to save during these years, it w... Read full article...
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Kootenai Classical Academy

Nonprofit Borrower Success Story: Kootenai Classical Academy

"We are all deeply grateful. It's going to make a tremendous impact on generations of young people here. It's hard to describe the gratitude of the area parents as well. Thanks for helping to facilitate this great endeavor... Read full article...

Northern California Land Trust

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Jocelyn’s Corner - Are You In?

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Jocelyn and NCLT staff celebrate the property purchase made via SB 1079. Now her new home will remain permanently affordable.