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The Price of Doing Good – Employee Retention Best Practices

Feeling underpaid and overworked has become the norm for many employees today, especially for those who work in the nonprofit sector. While concerted efforts for wage and benefits increases are being made for these dedicated and hard-working employees, it is a steep uphill battle. For some there ... Read full article...

Price of doing good

Nonprofit Cash Management – Five Ways to Manage Cash Deposits

Most articles about “Nonprofit Cash Management” expound on adequate cash reserve or having a line of credit to maintain financial health. “FDIC” is hardly mentioned, that is until March 8, 2023. By now, everyone is aware of the recent bank failures, and perhaps have even sleepless nights, worryin... Read full article...

cash mgmt

Nonprofits Buying Commercial Real Estate in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

You found the ideal place that will help your nonprofit program flourish and grow. Taking a mission-based approach to making significant decisions on whether to buy commercial real estate or initiate major renovations creates a competitive challenge as to what is possible. Then add a rising interest... Read full article...
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