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Giving Paws: A Tail of Two Loans

There are many extraordinary nonprofits out there doing impactful work in their communities, but few that resonate with the public as much as organizations that specialize in animal rescue. Recently, LENDonate had the pleasure of helping two nonprofits in the... Read full article...
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How to Get Funding for a Nonprofit Organization

As a nonprofit organization, securing funding for the quality programs and services you provide in your community can seem like a constant and ongoing struggle. Yet the success of your mission depends on your ability to raise funds. At LENDonate, we are dedicated to helping nonprofits secure fund... Read full article...

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As Second Draw PPP Loans Dry Up, We Take a Look at PPP Forgiveness and Alternative Options

With another round of PPP funding in the books, many small businesses and nonprofits that received funds are now turning their attention to PPP forgiveness. For others who may have missed the boat on securing government funding, alternative options have become increasi... Read full article...
PPP Loan Forgiveness
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