Nonprofit Financing

LENDonate offers more than just nonprofit loans. We offer nonprofit financing solutions by listening to your needs and customizing loan requests that excite our Lenders, who are looking to invest in impactful projects that have been vetted by LENDonate.  

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Loan Minimum: $50,000

Access to Philanthropic Capital

Customizable Terms

The LENDonate Difference

LENDonate enables you, the nonprofit borrower, to thrive by providing access to affordable capital. We bring together Lenders and philanthropists who want to help you prosper and advance your vision and mission. We facilitate and manage loans for nonprofit organizations by keeping your conversations focused on what matters most, your programs. Whether your nonprofit is looking to grow and expand, bridge a trouble spot, or create financial comfort by balancing funders and program expenses, we can help you find workable financial solutions. By telling your story, LENDonate broadens your reach to a vibrant audience of Lenders and donors.   

Nonprofit Financing Solutions for Borrowers

There are various reasons for nonprofit organizations to consider taking out a loan. It could be for strategic growth, to supplement working capital during a unique period, or to finance real estate projects. LENDonate offers basic loan products, as well as various innovative solutions. The table highlights a few examples.

Types of Financing Purpose of Loan Typical Term Historical
Interest Rates*
Real Estate Financing
  • Acquisition Capital
  • Renovation
  • Subordinated Debt Content
1 – 5 yrs

3.25 - 10.00%

Bridge Loans
  • Bridge to Funding Event or Grant
  • Bridge to Property Sale
6 – 24 mo

2.90 - 10.00%

Working Capital Loans

  • A/R Financing
  • Program Expansion Financing
  • Equipment Purchase
1 - 3 yrs

3.00 – 10.00%

Debt Refinancing
  • Lower Monthly Payment
  • Reduce Interest Expenses
1 - 5 yrs

5.00 - 10.00%

*Historical Interest rates represent loans between October 2016 and September 2023

Real Estate Financing

Owning real estate not only can be a great investment for a nonprofit, but a way to keep your costs down as well. Whether you are looking to purchase or renovate an office, warehouse, single family house or a community facility, we can help you accomplish your goals. We can also help your organization refinance existing commercial real estate loans to lower your payments. If you are in the market for real estate financing, let our team of experts help you customize a comprehensive solution. Take our quick intake survey so we can learn about your capital project and respond to you with helpful information.

Bridge Loans

Sometimes, an organization is simply in need of short-term financing to smooth out cash flow. Other times, your organization may have future revenue from contracts, accounts receivable, or other documented sources of future revenue but need funding now to get started – the classic “chicken and the egg” problem. LENDonate is the perfect solution to provide your organization the flexibility it needs. Get the funding you need today with a 6 to 24 month bridge loan.

Working Capital loans

A successful nonprofit organization never rests on its laurels. An increase in demand for your program services will push you to need to expand in size and/or to other locations, but it is often difficult to receive grant support for strategic working capital. LENDonate can help your organization structure a working capital loan for hiring more staff, purchasing new equipment, or opening new locations. Working capital loans typically have 1 to 3 year terms.

Debt Refinancing

Is your organization burdened with an existing loan that puts it under undue cash flow duress? LENDonate can ease this burden by helping you restructure existing debt with more favorable interest rates. Stop throwing money away by letting us help you find the right financial solution to help you achieve your goals.

One-of-a-Kind Projects

Nonprofit leaders are some of the most creative and resourceful people in the world. Not every nonprofit project fits neatly into a given category, and we are here to help your one-of-a-kind projects get started. If you have a major project in need of financing, perhaps involving multiple stakeholders over a phased timeline, we’d love to hear from you. If it involves real estate financing, take our quick intake survey to tell us about your project.

How It Works for Borrowers

The LENDonate platform serves as an integration point between you, your current supporters and potential future supporters who learn about your organization for the first time through LENDonate.


We are here to facilitate and manage that process, keeping your conversations focused on what matters: your programs. By telling your story on LENDonate’s website, you can reach a larger pool of nonprofit-oriented donors and return-seeking Lenders. This typically leads to dramatically reduced funding costs and a growing base of support.


Submit Application

Nonprofit borrower completes a loan application with funding request, program and impact summary and financial history.


Due Diligence

LENDonate assesses the creditworthiness of each application to determine an appropriate ceiling interest rate. The loan campaign is presented to our Lenders on the Marketplace. Lenders submit loan bid offers and our system prioritizes more favorable offers until the end of the campaign.


Get Funded

After the loan is funded, LENDonate streamlines repayments and facilitates any Lender-initiated loan-to-donation conversion, giving 100% of converted funds to the nonprofit borrower.

Who Qualifies?

To qualify for a loan, your 501(c)(3) organization needs to have at least 3 years of operating history and be in good standing. We will evaluate your organization’s financial strength in supporting this loan based on financial information filed with the IRS and financial reports that you provide.


For all loan types, the loan minimum is $50,000. While there is not an absolute dollar maximum, each borrower’s loan maximum is based on the organization’s financial strength and collateral. See our Success Stories for a range of exciting projects we helped finance.

Other Important Information

Interest rate exepectations

At LENDonate, our mission is to help nonprofits find the most favorable terms for the capital they need. To that end, we do not believe in loan factoring or other high-cost lending practices.

Qualified borrowers have received loans at a variety of interest rates ranging from 2.95% to 9.20% per annum. While the interest rate environment influences each loan’s fair market rate, our sweet spot has been between 7-8% interest. Based on your organization’s financial strength and collateral, we determine the ceiling interest rate. Our Lenders can offer to lend at this rate or below.

Funding timeline expectations
The time it takes from loan application submission to funding of your loan can vary widely. There are many factors such as how complex the loan request is, how quickly you respond during due diligence period to complete the loan package, the loan amount, etc. On average, loan campaigns run for 4 – 8 weeks.
Donation & loan forgiveness

Our Marketplace also makes it easy for our Lenders to donate to you during the campaign and/or the repayment period. While our Lenders must be accredited investors, anyone can donate during your campaign period.

LENDonate fee

For each successfully funded loan, we charge a fee of 2% of the loan amount and donations received. Services covered by these fees include:

–> Loan Campaign Period: Creating your online loan campaign page; marketing your organization and your project to our Lenders through direct outreach (email newsletters, social media); crowdfunding donations made to your organization.

–> Repayment Period: Providing streamlined repayment process; managing conversions from loan to donation when initiated by a Lender. In some situations, third-party fees may apply and will be disclosed prior to engagement for borrower’s approval.

What Type of Documentation is Needed to Apply?

Application Process

Watch this helpful video to preview the loan application process.

Click here to preview the loan application so you’re ready to provide the responses to these questions.



Organization Name




Mission Statement


Program Summary


I have the authority to initiate this application as a Director (checkbox to confirm)


Director’s Email Address (use organization email address)


Director’s First Name, Last Name, Title, Phone Number, Years in Job


The director or partner who will sign the application is a US resident. (checkbox to confirm)


This is a 501(c)(3) organization in good standing. (checkbox to confirm)


Organization’s Address


Organization’s Telephone Number


Cause Category


Ruling Year (must have at least 3 years of history to qualify)


Number of employees?


How many board members are there?


Desired Loan amount ($50,000 minimum)


If this loan is a part of a larger fundraising effort, what is the total fund-raise amount?


When do you require the funding?


Repayment Term


Loan Project Title (Make it catchy!)


Describe specifically how funds will be used (e.g. Working Capital, Program Expansion, Debt Refinancing, Equipment purchase, Property purchase and/or renovation, etc.)


Describe how this loan will help your organization succeed and the impact. (Use this space to promote your projects.)


Please detail the source(s) of Repayment. (e.g. Pending grants, fundraising events etc…):


In the past 3 years list foundations that have given you major grants, if any.


Upload IRS Determination Letter, Latest Form 990, Latest financial statements


Please indicate any existing borrowings (provider, outstanding amount, monthly repayment)


Has this organization defaulted on any loans in the past 7 years?


Do you have any existing loan applications with any other finance providers?


Please upload any further information that could support the application e.g. Grant Letter


–>Click here to download a PDF version of the application.

LENDonate is All About Nonprofit Financing

LENDonate’s mission is to create a dynamic market that allows capital to flow more freely in the nonprofit sector. We harness the power of nonprofit networks – a desire to contribute to social good – onto one single platform. This platform facilitates desired philanthropic actions, from offering grants and donations to making market-rate capital accessible to qualified projects.

See Borrowers FAQ for more details.

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