Borrower FAQs

General Campaign Inquiries

No. The bidding algorithm determines a “generosity rating” for each offer. Your loan will consist of offers with the highest generosity ratings. The loan’s final interest rate will be the weighted-average interest rate of these offers.

No, a group of Lenders and donors are already on LENDonate’s platform and represent a new pool of potential supporters. However, a campaign is more likely to garner attention and be successful if users can see early support through loan bids and donations from the nonprofit’s existing network. For this reason, we recommend that nonprofits ask their network to demonstrate their support on the LENDonate platform early in the campaign.

As long as loan offers + donations offered exceed 70% of your target, funding is successful. For example, imagine that your target is $50,000, and by the campaign deadline you receive $30,000 in loan offers and $6,000 in donations. That $36,000 total is greater than 70% of $50,000 ($35,000), so you will be borrowing $30,000 and will receive a $6,000 donation when you receive your loan funds (less any fees).
The Board of Directors’ participation indicates a level of trust and commitment to the nonprofit that makes its financial case stronger. The Board of Directors’ involvement is one of the qualitative measures that we use to establish the ceiling interest rate on the loan.

About LENDonate Loans

After receiving completed loan application: 1-2 days for loan approval.


Length of the campaign (prep to funding): 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on size of loan.


Solidarity Loan: we expect a faster turnaround but still dependent on availability of lender funds.


Once the campaign is finished, you will receive the promissory note reflecting the final loan terms; you will receive the loan disbursement 1 to 2 days after forms are signed.

Various use of proceeds is supported – from bridge loans to real estate and construction loans. Visit our Success Stories to read about some of our past borrowers.

No worries! Once we receive your application, we will analyze your circumstances and present suitable options.
No. While some of our lenders may individually choose to be philanthropic even down the road, there is obligation for full repayment at loan maturity.
This is the market interest rate for your loan; it is determined by assessing each borrower’s creditworthiness. Through a bidding process, Lenders can offer to lend at this ceiling rate or at a reduced rate. They may also offer a pure donation or a loan+donation combo.

Some loans are guaranteed by their supporters. To see how this collateral guarantee feature works, click here. If you are interested, fill out an application and we will contact you.

Applying for loan

The maximum amount is determined primarily by affordability, as measured by having enough future free cashflow to repay all debt obligations. We will make this assessment when we review your financials.

IRS determination letter

Two most recent IRS Form 990s

Last two years of financial statements (audited, if available)

YTD financials depending on fiscal year end

Most recent debt schedule (if applicable)

2 recent bank statements


Note: Other documents may be requested.

Yes. Click here to preview the application questions.

Your sponsors will be those closest to the organization: executives and board members, and sometimes foundations. Three specific ways to sponsor are:


1. Pledge of cash and/or marketable securities securing 100% of loan by leadership and/or board members.


2. Board member guarantee on 100% of loan – verified as accredited investor.


3. Leadership subordinated debt (at least 50% of loan)

Our Fees

Fees are charged on actual funds received, not the campaign’s target funding amount. Typically, this will be 1% to 2% depending on loan complexity. If Third Party fees are applicable, you will receive an estimate ahead of time.
There is no prepayment penalty. To ensure a good experience for our lenders, we do suggest that you do not pay off the loan within the first three months.