About Sponsoring

Sponsorship is an innovative and impactful way to support a nonprofit that is special to you. Board members, leaders of foundations and other grant-making organizations, and other people close to a nonprofit can take advantage of opportunities to provide additional support to the organization’s proposal to borrow on LENDonate. You can be part of the financial solution that enables the organization to reach their next big goal.

LENDonate introduces Give, Get or Guarantee

Nonprofit board members are familiar with “give or get” fundraising goals. Our sponsorship program adds a new opportunity: Guarantee. When you participate in a loan guarantee for the nonprofit’s project on LENDonate, you improve the interest rate of the project in the organization’s favor. That makes their loan bid more affordable and ultimately more successful.

And board members aren’t the only ones who can participate.

Foundations can participate in a loan guarantee for the qualified nonprofits of your choice to leverage your resources and further drive funds into your cause areas.

At LENDonate, we are prepared to support our sponsors every step of the way.

How LENDonate Sponsoring Works

A nonprofit that plans to source funds on LENDonate may have a great proposal but not have the right financials to succeed in our underwriting process. They may be eligible for a loan but only with a high interest rate, or they may not be eligible at all. The right sponsor will help that organization qualify for a loan and get the borrowing rate they need to have a successful loan.

We can help organizations approach board members and other potential sponsors to ensure the success of their project.
Once the loan is paid off, the assets are returned to each guarantor. However, this does imply some risk for the sponsor. If a nonprofit is unable to make a repayment, the secured assets will be use to ensure lenders receive their payment in a timely fashion. Once the nonprofit resumes payment, the remaining assets stay in place to continue securing the loan.