Success Stories

Below we share some of our NonProfit Borrower success stories. We offer a variety of loans to support their impact projects ranging from strategic growth loans, construction loans, emergency bridge loans, equipment loans, to bridge to fundraiser event with Board Guarantee Loan, and Bridge to Grant Loan.

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Strategic Growth Loan

Organization: Visión y Compromiso

Loan Amount: $100,000

Loan Type: 12-month interest only

Use of Funds: Stabilize cash flow during transformation growth period

Source of Repayment: Accounts receivables

The team at Visión y Compromiso (Vision and Commitment) had a strong plan for their future — but no easy way to bring it to life. Traditional financing models were not accessible to them, and they needed help to fully pursue the earned-income opportunities that would transform the financial and programmatic future of the organization.


Established in 2000, Visión y Compromiso (VyC) is the leading organization in California providing training, leadership and ongoing advocacy and support to community health workers.


A strategic decision in 2018 was made to expand the client base to include private organizations, such as hospitals, to diversify its funding source from 100% public funding. While they have had exciting initial success in signing new contracts, the cost of growth outpaced receivables.

With the $100,000 bridge loan from LENDonate, VyC was able to maintain their staffing levels, get caught up on pending receivables, and have some breathing room to apply for additional grants and contracts. After stabilizing their financial operations, VyC is pursuing strategic growth opportunities, including expanding their client base to increase the number of community health workers who are prepared to advocate for the good of their communities in culturally relevant ways.

Thanks to loans and donations from the LENDonate network of investors, the organization was able to pursue new projects to improve their financial outlook. They have now paid back the loan and are ready to enhance their services again!


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Emergency Bridge Loan

Organization: MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity)

Loan Amount: $250,000

Loan Type: 12-month interest only

Use of Funds: Bridge Financing to avert program interruption

Source of Repayment: $3M+ property sale

For 47 years, MEND has opened its doors to the most vulnerable members of the community and have become one of the most comprehensive and empowering poverty relief agencies in Los Angeles County. MEND is an anchor institution with the largest food bank in San Fernando Valley, medical, dental and vision clinics, clothing, homeless care services, as well as support and care through case management services. The emergency bridge loan provided much needed cash that enabled MEND to continue providing these services during the most critical winter months.

Construction Loan

Organization: Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Loan Amount: $37,500,000

Loan Type: tax-exempt private bond

Use of Funds: Real estate construction and debt consolidation with below 4% interest rate fixed for 10 years.

Source of Repayment: earned income, donations and grants

Prior to LENDonate, this nonprofit applied to multiple banks and CDFIs on their own over the past 5 years without success. Now with funding secured, Berkeley Rep will embark on an ambitious new artist housing project, directly next door to its two theatres: the Roda and the Peet’s. The new building, in the heart of the arts district, will provide vital housing for Berkeley Rep’s visiting artists as well as the young professionals who are awarded fellowships every year. The new building is designed to be LEED Gold certified and to reduce Berkeley Rep’s carbon footprint by housing talent next door to the theatre and eliminating the need to drive between various rental properties and the theatre.

"Berkeley Rep has been in search of a solution to our housing dilemma for many years. LENDonate led us to a financing package that made it possible to move from dreaming to doing."
~Susie Medak
Managing Director, Berkeley Repertory Theatre (2019)

Equipment Loan

Organization: Project WeHope

Loan Amount: $52,500

Loan Type: 3 Year Loan with 10 Year Amortization

Use of Funds: Purchase of Truck #4

Source of Repayment: receivables from various city and county contracts plus foundation grants and individual donors

Project WeHOPE’s innovative program, Dignity on Wheels, has provided more than 20,000 showers and 12,000 loads of laundry to the homeless from their mobile units since the fall of 2015. Without shower and clean clothes, the homeless are extremely reluctant to search out work or routine health care service, something you and I take for granted.


The funds were used to purchase Truck #4, a 2018 Dodge Ram Diesel One Ton Crew Chassis Cab with Flat Bed and Water Tank. With this new truck, WeHOPE will be able to expand our services and reach more people in need.


This loan received a 3% point interest rate reduction, and ~$3,000 donations while sourcing.

Bridge to Fundraiser Event with Board Guarantee Loan

Organization: SHE-CAN

Loan Amount: $50,000

Loan Type: 6-month interest only

Use of Funds: Working capital and program costs

Source of Repayment: grants, annual fundraising campaign, annual fundraising event

The mission of SHE-CAN is to build female leadership in post-conflict countries. SHE-CAN believes that it is becoming clear that as our world continues to get smaller, raising a global generation of capable and gutsy female leaders is critical to systemic change. Over the next 5 years they plan to scale to a level that they are sending 50 educated female leaders home each year to 5 post-conflict nations. These potential leaders will form cohorts of empowered women with potential to changes their nations.


This loan was secured with a Board member guarantee.