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Who They Are: India Home

Dr. Vasundhara Kalasapudi envisioned India Home as an antidote to the loneliness and isolation experienced by South Asian elders. In 2008, India Home established the first senior center catering to South Asian values and culture at the Services Now for Adult Persons (SNAP) of Eastern Queens. This community center was a response to the unique and urgent needs of a fast-growing community of South Asian seniors in Queens.


India Home offers a welcoming space where seniors take yoga classes and workshops, and enjoy nutritious, culturally appropriate congregate meals. They celebrate Diwali and other festivals beloved to South Asians. The programs are designed to foster community and friendship, stimulate mental and physical fitness, empower the elders through knowledge and encourage them to come together to creatively solve problems or advocate for their rights. In a few short years, India Home has become the standard bearer for other South Asian groups seeking to replicate their model of community service.

A group of seniors smile for a picture while enjoying some time outdoors.
Seniors gather at India Home's Desi Senior Center to celebrate Bangladesh Independence Day.
Mental health through physical health - active seniors are the best.

Use of Proceeds & Repayment

The loan proceeds will be used to renovate and modify a recently purchased home in Floral Park, NY to create a co-living home. Funding will be used to add bathrooms, make basement modifications, cover architectural fees, as well as provide furnishings.


They anticipate housing between 4-6 seniors with similar experiences, cultures, and diets who would live together in a “family” unit system, where they can build meaningful social connections and share household responsibilities.


There will be a designated workspace within the home for India Home’s staff to provide services such as in-house group counseling, routine wellness check-ins, social work, and case management services.


The loan will be repaid purely by fundraising activities. India Home has already received multi-year donation pledges and will continue to engage their donor base.

Floral Park Home 1st, 2nd and Basement Floorplans

Why Support this Program

Co-living is a community living shared housing model. Those in a co-living household live with friends and community members with similar values. India Home is working on establishing the first ever co-living home for South Asian seniors in NYC. This is an important step in combatting the exacerbated social isolation that our older adults have faced during the pandemic. They hope that this pilot project will be a catalyst in bringing about many more culturally competent co-living homes, improving the senior housing landscape for immigrant older adults across Queens and beyond.


Dr. Vasundhara Kalasapudi, Executive Director

Pictures of Floral Park Home

Testimonials from India Home Seniors

“When I came to this country I was lost and lonely…India Home brings smiles and happiness on our faces.”

“The pandemic itself is a tough time but I am not feeling as if anything negative is happening, as I’m really really busy participating in India Home activities. I’m even more busy than I was before!”

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