In response to the COVID-19 crisis, LENDonate is introducing a new loan program for impacted nonprofits.

These $25,000 to $100,000 6-month interest-only loans will be made available to nonprofits that are at risk of deep and permanent cuts to program services if capital is not received immediately.

These loans are targeted specifically to established nonprofits who might not otherwise qualify for loans with affordable interest rates. This Program enhances the creditworthiness of those organizations by asking its lead supporters to sponsor the loan. 

About Lending

The people we call lenders are a group of financiers making bids on a spectrum from pure loans to pure donations. They include banks, CDFIs, impact investors, foundations, and donors.

Lenders can choose a project based on categories such as risk rating, interest rate or social cause. They can make a standard loan offer, a donation, or customize a loan+donation offer. We rank all the offers for the borrower and give priority to those that are most attractive for the borrower.

Lenders can continue to make competitive offers after a project has reached its funding goal but before the loan closes.
Lenders will remain anonymous to borrowers and other users.
Individual annual lender fee $99.

See a demo of the lender experience

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