Nonprofit Loans

The Price of Doing Good – Employee Retention Best Practices

Price of doing good

Feeling underpaid and overworked has become the norm for many employees today, especially for those who work in the nonprofit sector. While concerted efforts for wage and benefits increases are being made for these dedicated and hard-working employees, it is a steep uphill battle. For some there is much personal fulfillment and satisfaction; but is […]

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Nonprofit Cash Management – Five Ways to Manage Cash Deposits

cash mgmt

Most articles about “Nonprofit Cash Management” expound on adequate cash reserve or having a line of credit to maintain financial health. “FDIC” is hardly mentioned, that is until March 8, 2023. By now, everyone is aware of the recent bank failures, and perhaps have even sleepless nights, worrying about your deposits. To our relief, at […]

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Nonprofits Buying Commercial Real Estate in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Brown building

You found the ideal place that will help your nonprofit program flourish and grow. Taking a mission-based approach to making significant decisions on whether to buy commercial real estate or initiate major renovations creates a competitive challenge as to what is possible. Then add a rising interest rate environment. Before making these major decisions, the […]

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3 Tips for Securing Working Capital with a Strategic Nonprofit Loan

nonprofit loan agreement

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing society’s toughest challenges. Just like a for-profit company, nonprofits need to pay expenses and strive to do better than breakeven. The pandemic posed numerous challenges for nonprofits. Rather than trying to save during these years, it was a time to spend the rainy-day funds to meet community […]

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Giving Paws: A Tail of Two Loans

pet loan

There are many extraordinary nonprofits out there doing impactful work in their communities, but few that resonate with the public as much as organizations that specialize in animal rescue. Recently, LENDonate had the pleasure of helping two nonprofits in the animal rescue sector secure funds for very different purposes. Both are unique in the services […]

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How to Get Funding for a Nonprofit Organization

nonprofit funding

As a nonprofit organization, securing funding for the quality programs and services you provide in your community can seem like a constant and ongoing struggle. Yet the success of your mission depends on your ability to raise funds. At LENDonate, we are dedicated to helping nonprofits secure funding that helps strategic organizations endure uncertain times […]

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CDFIs (part 1 of 2): Borrowing with Greater Flexibility

CDFI borrowing with greater flexibility

Community investing involves institutions and investment products that support economically disadvantaged communities. This is made possible through community development banks, credit unions, loan funds and microfinance institutions. Closely tied to socially responsible investing, they focus on economically improving disadvantaged communities by offering banking services and small loans to fund businesses, non-profit groups, and affordable housing […]

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Looking To Secure Nonprofit Financing?

secure Nonprofit Financing

For any business, securing financing can be a challenge, but for nonprofit organizations it can be especially grueling. Whether you are an established mission-driven organization or are relatively new and have a burgeoning idea to help strengthen your local community, lenders who do not specialize in lending to nonprofits may have a tougher time aligning […]

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Funding for Nonprofits in a Pandemic

Blog 7 pandemic funding

In the last year, the world has seen a seismic shift in nearly every aspect of life, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. For those involved in the operation of nonprofit organizations carrying out important social and environmental work, sourcing much needed funding is a growing concern. As troubling as these times may seem, there […]

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3 Assessments When Considering Providing Collateral for a Nonprofit Loan

“No! Don’t do it!” is the most common response to the question “should I guarantee someone else’s loan?” The nonprofit that you support needs a loan to support their activities, whether it is to grow, bridge to an asset purchase, or invest in a program that will benefit the work that they do. Unfortunately, they […]

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