Established in 2000, Visión y Compromiso (VyC) is the leading organization in California providing training, leadership and ongoing advocacy and support to Promotores and Community Health Workers. Promotores are highly skilled community members/leaders.

VyC is in a program expansion period. Your support of this bridge loan is needed to enable VyC to continue to invest in the organization’s growth and staffing. They need time to let earned income catch up with upfront expenses. A strategic decision in 2018 was made to expand the client base to include private organizations, such as hospitals, to diversify its funding source from 100% public funding. While they’ve had exciting initial success in signing new contracts, the cost of growth has outpaced receivables. VyC is asking for your help so they can continue to provide resources, education and tools to the underserved Spanish speaking communities across California.

Are you interested in supporting VyC’s mission and earn up to 7.5%?

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