Nonprofit Borrower Success Story: Z Space - Bridge to Grant Loan

"By providing quick access to affordable money, LENDonate's distinct loan-to-donation option enables us to think bigger…." ~Lisa Steindler, Executive Artistic Director, Z Space


Operating two venues in San Francisco’s historic Mission District, a mainstage (260 seats) and a black box theater (88 seats), Z Space hosts new works from a variety of performance disciplines year-round. In 2016, Z Space experienced several setbacks that led them to max out their credit line. The biggest was the loss of rental bookings as smaller arts group leave San Francisco for more affordable locales. The second setback had to do with an internal reorganization with unforeseen costs. The loan funds helped them pay off their high interest rate debt and bridge the gap until they received the grant funding.

Z Space logo for LENDonate's nonprofit borrower success story