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Funding Goal: $100,000
The Norooz Clinic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides affordable and accessible mental health services to underserved clients in Southern California. The Norooz Clinic Foundation focuses on building and maintaining healthy relationships by identifying common struggles and providing new ways to approach them with success. They are seeking financing for working capital to bridge to funding from government contracts.

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Who They Are: Norooz Clinic Foundation

The Norooz Clinic Foundation was established in 2012 and provides direct mental health services in Southern California. Their clients are taught effective skills and tools to give them alternative ways to think about daily problems and stressors and overcome them with more ease and balance. Norooz is a Farsi word meaning new day and a new beginning. At the Norooz Clinic Foundation, they strive to assist those who walk through their doors with their journey of discovery to find their new day, their rebirth, through mental health and wellness.

VISION: Norooz Clinic Foundation’s vision is dedicated to removing barriers of access to mental health.

MISSION: Norooz Clinic Foundation empowers lives by providing direct mental health services, utilizing the latest technology in education and organizing creative community outreach.

Use of Proceeds & Repayment

The proceeds from this loan will provide Norooz Clinic Foundation with funds to keep their doors open and continue providing mental and behavioral health services to the community without interruption.

The loan will be repaid through confirmed government grant funding that aggregates to >$1M that will be paid on a quarterly basis.
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Why Support this Program

This loan will enable Norooz Clinic Foundation to provide mental and behavioral health services to the community without interruption. Mental health services are in high demand, and there is often a shortage of available resources and long wait times. It is critical that Norooz remain open as a closure would add to this strain and could have a ripple effect, affecting not only individual clients but also their families, support networks, and the overall community’s mental health. This will make it even harder for vulnerable individuals to access the care they need.


Additionally, closing the clinic would disrupt the continuity of care for existing clients. Consistency in mental health treatment is essential for managing and improving mental health conditions. Discontinuation of services could lead to worsened mental health outcomes for these individuals.


Accessibility: The Norooz Clinic is dedicated to ensuring that mental health services are accessible to anyone who may face barriers to accessing mental health care elsewhere.

– Services are provided in-person and via Telehealth in 4 different languages: English, Farsi, Spanish, and Tagalog.

– Clients are placed with a therapist within 24-48 hours, cutting down long wait time and barriers to seeking a mental health professional.

– A plethora of services are offered including: individual, couples and family therapy, EMDR for trauma, virtual reality therapy, psychological assessments, intensive outpatient program, and peer support groups.

Affordability: Mental health services are often times prohibitively costly and accessible primarily to individuals with the financial means to afford them. At the Norooz Clinic, cost is minimized through the utilization of practicum interns who deliver top-notch client services.

– These interns undergo rigorous training on a weekly basis.

– Since 2012, over 20,000 affordable therapy sessions have been provided to more than 3,000 clients.

– Services are offered on a sliding scale, pro-bono, and insurance.

Vulnerable Populations: Services are provided to anyone ages 5 and up. Many of the clinic’s clients belong to vulnerable populations, such as those with limited financial resources, people from marginalized communities, and individuals without health insurance. These individuals often rely on the clinic as their primary source of mental health support.

Community Impact: The Norooz Clinic’s motto is a “Stigma-Free World”, our goal is to reduce mental health stigmas in our communities and aim to foster open and constructive dialogues about mental health within our communities.  

– Actively engage in community-based mental health advocacy efforts by hosting and participating in free community resource events and webinars.

– The Outreach Team organizes and participates in events; they engage and educate more than 900 community members each month.

Training and Workforce Development: At the Norooz Clinic, training and workforce development are prioritized with three distinct programs: Clinical Practicum Internship, Non-Clinical Graduate Internship, and Undergraduate Internship. The aim is to provide high-quality training experiences that empower the next generation of mental health professionals and advocates. Through these programs, we ensure that interns receive rigorous training and mentorship, contributing to the overall excellence of mental health services in our community. 

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