Nonprofit Borrower Success Story: Cincinnati Classical Academy


Cincinnati Classical Academy is a new public charter school that launched in the Cincinnati Ohio area in the fall of 2022. It brings tuition-free, K-12 classical liberal arts education to the greater Cincinnati area. Although the school year starts in August, Ohio state does not distribute funding to charter schools until 2 months later. Fortunately, the timing gap was closed by this LENDonate nonprofit bridge loan along with grants and donations; the school was able to hire an administrative team and teaching staff to ensure a successful school opening and healthy cash flow until attaining the state funding.


LENDonate is proud to have supported the on-time grand opening of this educational institution!

Original Nonprofit Borrower Loan Offering

Bridge Loan for New School

Investment Summary

Who Can Participate

Who They Are: Cincinnati Classical Academy

In partnership with Hillsdale College, Cincinnati Classical Academy is bringing tuition-free, K-12 classical liberal arts education to the greater Cincinnati area. They will be opening in Fall 2022 with grades K-6 and adding a grade each year until K-12 is served.

Cincinnati Classical Academy Headmaster at Hillsdale Jobs Fair
CCA's Headmaster at Hillsdale Job Fair.
Cincinnati Classical Academy Faculty
Some of CCA's faculty members.
Cincinnati Classical Academy School Entrance
Entrance to the school.

Use of Proceed & Repayment

The bridge loan proceeds will be used to cover general operations of the school.


The loan will be repaid with funding from the State of Ohio plus federal and community grants and donations.

Why Support this Program

Cincinnati Classical Academy (CCA) is a new public charter school coming to the Cincinnati Ohio area in the fall of 2022. This is a free public school for students. The school has already hired an administrative team and hired 90% of its teaching staff. Although school starts in August, Ohio state funding is not distributed to charter schools until October. Fortunately, CCA has obtained some grants and donations; this interim loan will help bridge that initial funding gap and ensure strong programming and healthy cash flow.

Cincinnatti Classical Academy Open House
Open house at CCA.
Cincinnati Classical Academy Open House
Parents and students gather at CCA's open house.
Cincinatti Classical Academy Trivia Night Fundraiser in Gym
Trivia night fundraiser in CCA's school gym.