Founded 2006
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  • MCE’s mission is to mobilize capital to generate economic opportunities for women and rural families living in poverty throughout the developing world.


  • Investing in the potential of women is one of the most effective means of advancing global development.
Disbursed funds
$ 0 MM+
  • To date, MCE has disbursed more than $180MM to 114 institutions in over 47 countries across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus.


  • In 2017, MCE disbursed $25.5M to 28 clients, ending the year with 60 active clients across 36 countries.
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  • MCE leverages the excellent credit of high net worth individuals and foundations (its Guarantors) to borrow capital from U.S. and European financial institutions and accredited investors.


  • For every dollar that MCE lends, MCE has at least two dollars in loan guarantees.


MCE is engaging the LENDonate community to fund its loan to Sol Organica, a certified B-Corporation in Nicaragua that works to improve the livelihoods of tropical fruit farmers in Nicaragua while maximizing their agricultural potential and promoting the use of sustainable and organic farming practices.  

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