Support Equity and Inclusion of Neurodivergent People

Funding Goal: $50,000

The Neurodiversity Education Research Center (NERC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. NERC is an independent nonprofit research center dedicated to improving access to quality education and workforce development for Neurodivergent humans. They are seeking financing for working capital to bridge to funding from a confirmed grant award. 

Investment Summary

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Who They Are: Neurodiversity Education Research Center

The Neurodiversity Education Research Center (NERC), established in 2016, seeks to improve equity and inclusion of neurodivergent people. NERC works toward a vision and belief that neurodivergent individuals can become successful in an ableist society. Through their education programs, research areas, partnerships, community engagement, and events, NERC advocates models that support opportunities for academic, physical, and social-emotional growth. Additionally, they strive to engage educators, employers, researchers, parents, mental health professionals, and others in creating an optimal environment for neurodivergent individuals to be successful by emphasizing strength-based practices.

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Use of Proceeds & Repayment

The proceeds from this loan will provide NERC with working capital funds to continue their operations. 


The loan will be repaid through confirmed grant funding of $75,000 that is expected to be received by June of 2024.  

Why Support this Program

This loan will be used for working capital to meet NERC’s short-term financial obligations, maintain a steady flow of production, and generally keep operations running smoothly. Cash flow challenges will be solved by securing larger, multi-year grants and contracts.  


Combining K-12 expertise and teaching and learning designs, NERC delivers reliable models, thorough social & emotional support, innovative methods, novel technologies, and sustainable programs that help to inform public policy and ground practice in evidence. They believe in the promise of access to quality education for all, and push themselves every day to deliver on that promise for the good of people, communities, and businesses around the world. Science Prep Academy is NERC’s flagship STEM private school that has validated their innovative research-based education model that is designed to support neurodivergent students transitioning into college and career. Science Prep Academy is breaking ground in the areas of teaching and learning, vocational training, mental health, and adaptive recreation for neurodivergent students. 


The experts at NERC hold degrees in scientific, technical, and professional disciplines across education, mental health, and STEM fields. Their staff is tackling numerous projects each year to address complex education, social and scientific challenges on behalf of businesses, foundations, universities, and other groups working to fight for equitable solutions in neurodiversity. They strive to engage educators, employers, researchers, parents, mental health professionals, and others in creating an optimal environment for neurodivergent individuals to be successful. Support this nonprofit so it can continue to guide and inspire positive change in communities for neurodivergent humans! 


What is Neurodiversity?

We believe Autistic students can become computer scientists”

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