Consider The Homeless!
A Permanent Home in Berkeley, CA

Investment Summary

Who Can Participate

Who They Are: Northern California Land Trust

Founded by community activists in 1973, the Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) is a community-based non-profit committed to making homes and community facilities permanently affordable through the Community Land Trust (CLT) model. NCLT envisions a future where safe, high-quality homes in healthy, sustainable communities are permanently affordable to — and controlled by — residents, regardless of socio-economic status, geographic location, race, religion, gender, orientation or physical ability.


NCLT executes their mission by providing housing services, community development, and consulting/training services. They revitalize or develop properties and then sell the homes at below-market cost to residents who have been trained by NCLT for home ownership responsibilities. Unlike most other affordable housing developers, NCLT retains the rights to the land below the house to ensure that the home is resold at affordable, below-market rates to each subsequent homebuyer, guaranteeing low-cost housing in perpetuity. Through the land lease, the appreciation of the home value is limited, keeping it permanently affordable.


NCLT has been involved in dozens of community development projects, and has developed more than 200 units of housing. The portfolio of properties includes several types of properties within the Housing Ladder including homeownership and rental units. NCLT has also developed a homeless transitional house, affordable office space for nonprofits and small businesses, community gardens and an organic farm. To meet the needs of specific housing project types, NCLT designs and implements training programs. They have, for example, a training program for our limited-equity cooperative owners, limited-appreciation condominium owners, as well as single-family CLT homeowners. They work in partnership with other financial literacy and education programs to help purchasers be ready to buy when a unit is available. The objective of these programs is to give residents the information and foster the skills they need in areas like planning reserve budgets, bookkeeping, home maintenance, earthquake safety, meeting skills and conflict resolution.

Remembering Philanthropist Barbara Brust

The Berkeley house will benefit the nonprofit Consider The Homeless! which lost their leader and founder, Barbara Brust, on February 25th, 2021. Ms Brust left the house to NCLT for the benefit of her nonprofit organization. In memory of her spirit and dedication to the unhoused in Berkeley, they will continue the work that she started.

consider the homeless founder Barbara Brust
“For many of us in today’s economy, there is little padding between our lives as they are, and our lives, as they could be. I am no exception. I live on the edge, month to month, and I am never quite sure how it will turn out. It has become impossible for me to walk down the street without seeing so many of my sisters and brothers in need. I feel compelled to help where I can.” Original Statement from Barbara BrustFounder, Consider The Homeless!

Use of Proceeds & Repayment

The loan proceeds will be used to refinance the mortgage that will be due upon title change. When Barbara Brust, founder of Consider The Homeless! (CTH) passed away, she left the Berkeley home to NCLT to provide permanent stewardship of the property for CTH to continue its mission.


During the term of the loan, NCLT will be renting the property to CTH, which will be the source of revenue to make ongoing payments. Additionally, NCLT will be working with CTH to determine a long-term plan for the property.

NCLT Berkeley House
Photo of the Berkeley House property.

Why Support this Program

This project is an incredible opportunity to secure a permanent home for a beloved, and impactful, direct services organization in Berkeley: Consider The Homeless!


CTH secures donations of food, toiletries & clothing (among other essentials) to directly distribute to homeless people living on the streets.  CTH is unique in providing compassionate, non-judgmental direct help to people in crisis on the streets, and enjoys broad community support.


This loan is real estate secured where the borrower owns more than 75% in equity.

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