Bunny Burrow Building Upgrade

Investment Summary

Who Can Participate?

Who They Are: Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue

The Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue (RMHRR) is a chapter of the National House Rabbit Society. For over 30 years, this all-volunteer, nonprofit rabbit rescue organization has served the bunnies and people of the great state of Colorado. RMHRR rescues abandoned domestic rabbits, gives them shelter, and veterinary care such as vaccination against RHDV2 and spay/neuter. They adopt out rabbits to carefully screened applicants and educate their adopters with many free programs. They also educate the general public through articles on rabbit care, events, phone consultations, and classes. In 2021, RMHRR took in 127 bunnies needing rescue, and they placed 132 in forever homes.  

RMHRR bunnies visit senior living facility
RMHRR plays a huge part in their larger community. On this day, they were invited to a senior living facility for a pet blessing and to talk about the organization. The residents were so happy to pet the rabbits.
RMHRR bunny yoga
RMHRR educates the public about rabbits, their care, and what wonderful house pets domestic rabbits make. They also host events that bring the community together. This picture is from one of their Bunny Yoga events.
RMHRR volunteer holding rabbit with a head tilt
This bunny has something called "head-tilt". If treated quickly, sometimes it can be resolved, but many times the bunnies end up with a permanently tilted head. They can live happy, fulfilled lives like this, but they do need experienced special needs care to keep them comfortable. RMHRR works hard to find forever homes for these very special bunnies.

Use of Proceeds: Property Renovations

With a $300K down payment from a generous donor, RMHRR purchased a new building in August 2021. Since it was previously an egg production facility, they are currently retrofitting it for compliance with State and Federal requirements for animal shelters, as well as making it an excellent rabbit habitat.


The new building will have:

Watch the moving day tour of the RMHRR's new Bunny Bunker building!

Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue New Property
New Bunny Bunker Property RMHRR is now renovating
RMHRR new plumbing installation for mail rabbit area
RMHRR raised over $23,000 on Colorado Gives Day thanks to their supporters! Proceeds were used to begin installing new plumbing in what will be the main rabbit area.
RMHRR new property's furnace
A brand new furnace for the bunny rabbits!
RMHRR new flooring for their new Bunny Burrow
New flooring being installed throughout the new building.

Why Support this Program?

RMHRR has existed for 30 years and while they have been “down”, they have had to turn away numerous requests to rescue domestic rabbits. This loan will enable us to complete the construction work and be able to get our current rabbits, who have been with volunteers since May, back into the shelter. The new shelter will allow us to begin taking in additional abandoned rabbits. There is a huge need in the community for this shelter.


The RMHRR team are specialists in bunny care. Here’s a short list of reasons why RMHRR is an asset to their community!

Stories from the Bunny Bunker

Popular RMHRR Event:
Bunny Bowl IV 2020

Bunnies on the football field vying for the coveted Vince Lombunny trophy! Once the shelter renovation is completed, RMHRR looks forward to carrying on this popular annual event.
Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue Bunny Bowl IV underway
Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue Bunny Bowl IV 2020 winner

A special service offered by RMHRR:
Bunny Bonding

If someone has a pair of rabbits and one dies, and they want another rabbit, trained RMHRR volunteers offer to bond the pair.  Flynn was adopted as a new companion for Cinnabon after she lost her mate. They are quite the pair!

RMHRR Bunnies Flynn and Cinnabon

RMHRR’s newest bunny:
Betty White

Betty White was accidentally injured in her home and was relinquished to RMHRR. When rabbits get injured like this, usually there is nothing that can be done except to amputate the broken limb. She is the third one in recent months who has had to have an amputation. Rabbits adjust and do very well with three legs. RMHRR handles all the vet bills for these rabbits.

Are you interested in supporting RMHRR's mission?

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