Northern California Land Trust

Jocelyn and NCLT staff celebrate the property purchase made via SB 1079. Now her new home will remain permanently affordable.

All Investments Jocelyn’s Corner – Are You In? Investment Summary Total Raise: $540,600 Investment Risk Rating: Gold Investment Ceiling Rate: 4.0% Investment Term: 5 Years Investment Closes: April 1, 2022 Who can participate? Everyone can donate. Only Accredited Investors can lend/invest. Minimum $100. Who They Are: Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) Founded by community activists […]

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The WIN Project

The WIN Project Rosecrans Street View

This investment note is for a construction loan used to finance the development of 5 low-income SFRs in the City of Compton, California.

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Target Evolution

Target Evolution's Entrepreneurship Program participant Brice, CEO of Vallaire's for Men

This investment note is for working capital and marketing/promotion to support Youth Entrepreneurship Training in low-income communities.

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