Plan Adelanto – Affordable Housing (San Bernardino County)

Funding Goal: $500,000

Inland Equity Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community land trust that develops and stewards affordable housing and other community assets in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. IECLT is committed to promoting social equity and sustainable development by providing high-quality, affordable housing by using long-term ground leases to create homeownership opportunities and preserve affordable rental housing for those who are housing cost burdened. They are seeking financing for Phase 1 of Plan Adelanto – a 4 unit affordable home construction project. 

Investment Summary

Who Can Participate

Who They Are: Inland Equity Community Land Trust

Inland Equity CLT is a community land trust that develops and stewards affordable housing and other community assets in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Inland Equity CLT’s mission is to provide a permanent housing solution to inland residents who fall under HUD’s definition of “housing cost burdened.” HUD defines cost-burdened families as those “who pay more than 30% of their income for housing” and “may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation, and medical care.” Severe rent burden is defined as paying more than 50% of one’s income on rent. 


Inland Equity CLT’s solution is a dual-ownership structure: the land underneath will be collectively owned by the community, but the houses themselves will be the sovereign extension of the people who live in them. They use the resources to develop the skills of the community by partnering with CBO’s, county agencies unions and service providers. Ultimately, they are working on a collaboration with sustainable design groups to build housing that is not only permanently affordable, but also ecologically sustainable, using energy, resources and a workforce harnessed and developed from within our own communities.

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Use of Proceeds & Repayment

The proceeds from this loan will provide IECLT with the capital needed to build 4 homes on the Adelanto property. 


Construction is planned for completion by the end of summer 2024. The loan will be repaid from the proceeds of each home sold.  

Why Support this Program

IECLT is building four homes near Adelanto High School on a 20-acre lot on San Bernardino County land. Once completed, residents will have the opportunity to own the homes in the community land trust. The resident will become a homeowner and build equity based on what they contribute to the purchase. They will be able to pass on the home to their children. If they sell the house, they will keep the equity they paid in and the equity from housing subsidies will stay with the home and subsidize the price for the new resident. The goal is to pass this on in perpetuity to new buyers whenever a home is sold in the community land trust. The equity share is a subsidy retention strategy to keep government subsidies as equity in the unit. 


Plan Adelanto will be Inland Equity Community Land Trust’s first project to develop and steward affordable housing and will establish IECLT as part of the housing development industry. Phase One of the plan is to buy four manufactured homes and then sell them in a community land trust. The manufactured homes are on a foundation and Inland Equity is using the loan funds to build the pads, rough plumbing and electrical. The State of California has invested $1,000,000 in Plan Adelanto. This loan, along with the $1M grant from the State of California, will be used for expenses associated with the project and secured by the raw land and the 4 homes as-built. 

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