COVID-19 Response: A Show of Solidarity

We believe that all of us must pull together to support our nonprofit sector during this crisis. LENDonate is offering immediate relief to organizations by expanding our sponsorship tools in a new Solidarity Loan Program. There is a role for you, your board and your other supporters to play and we have created a safe framework to bridge these times.

How LENDonate Works

Learn more about how LENDonate works in this short video to see the impact of a sponsor.

Loan Terms

Solidarity Loans are designed as a win/win/win

Funds for this Program are limited! Are you ready to find out more?


Are you a nonprofit with an immediate need and a strong support base?


Are you a board member, leader, or major donor to a nonprofit that is experiencing a temporary cash shortfall?


Are you an accredited investor, donor-advised fund account holder, or foundation looking to support nonprofits through high-quality loans?

JOIN US in showing solidarity with nonprofit organizations and their missions.

We will endure these uncharted waters and come out stronger than ever. Doing good, only better – together.

All loans featured on the LENDonate platform are offered under Rule 506(c) to Accredited Investors as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933.